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The Faze3Group Introduces
Faze3 Designs. Residential Home Design

 Welcome to Faze3 designs, a Residential Home Design Company known for its out of the box thinking and original creations that help you create your Dream Home. If you have an idea in mind and would like us to help you reshape it, get in touch so we can start working on your project today.

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What We Can Offer You

High Quality Design

Faze3Group offers an impressive collection of services for our clients. We’re a creative team of strategic and innovative experts committed to creating the most beautiful & challenging home design's in the world. Get in touch to learn about specific services available.

Log Style Home Design

Make It Pop

The Strathmore
Strathmore Ranch.png

Modern Home Design

Propel Your Brand

The Dream

Oak Beam, Stone and Glass Design

Loyal Clients

Oakmont - Backyard View.png

A Lovely Modern cantilever Home

Always Great Quality

Canterlever House - Front View.png

A Modern Neighbourhood Family Home

Loving Homes

The Leaf - Front View.png

A Beautiful 3bd Lakeside Home

Make It Standout

The Goldrush6.png

A 5bd Loving Home

Make It Pop!!

The Meadows - Front View.png

A Beautiful Post and Beam, Modern Glass Home

Great Materials

The Lodge - External.JPG

A Lovely Homely 3Bd 3 1/2Bth Single Family Home

Only The Best Works

The Cressview - Front Yard View.png

A Modest 3Bd, 3Bth Home

Make It Pop Always

The Bowen - Front Outside.png

Basic 4Bd, 2 1/2Bth Family Home

Loyal Clients

The Coldstone - Front View.png

3Bd, 2 1/2Bth Wood, Glass Perfection


Timber Brook - Front View.png

Luxury Architecture Design

Make It Pop With Style

The Aspen Front View.png

Modern, Luxury, Glass

Out the Box

The Broadview - Bottom Garden View.png

A Mountain Cabin with Views

Propel Your Brand

The Kingwood - Firepit View.png

A Luxury 9000sft 5Bd, 4 1/2Bth Glass Post & Beam Home

Make It Pop

The Shire - Backyard View.png

A New Take on A Townhouse

Loyal Clients

The Townhouse - Front View.png

A Beautiful Homely Bungalow

3Bd, 3 1/2Bth, 2000sqft Home

The Harvest - front view.png

A Beautiful Hay Barn Conversion

Living The Lifein Confort

Barn Convertion - Back View.png

A Lovely Modest Cedar Wood Home

Making Everything you've Dreamed of

Cedar Vail - Backyard View.png

A 4Bd, 4 1/2Bth 5000sq ft Luxury Home

Standing out From the Crowd

The kestrel - Front View.png

5Bd, 5 1/2Bth. 7000sq ft Post & Beam Home

Creating Something Very Special

The Hilltop - Front View.png

4Bd,4 1/2Bth. 4000sqft Post & Beam Home

Only the Best Designs

The Rancher - Front View.png

4Bd, 4 1/2Bth Modern Home

Moving into the Future

Mill House - Front View.png

6Bd, 6 1/2Bth with Annex In-Law Suite

Standing out from the crowd

The Cooperfield - Front Drive View.png

A Modern 5bd, 5 1/2bth 5000sqft Home

Loyal Clients

The Vista - The Carport.png

Modest 3bd 3bth Family Home

Simplicity is Homely

Willows Nest - Front View 2.png

Modern Ranch Style Family Home

Standing Out

The Creekview - Front Porch.png

A Modern Take on the Octagon Shape

Trusting and Out there

Nexus - Front Yard View.png

Post and Beam Log Home. 3bd, 3 1/2bth 3000sqft Log Home

Oversized Timbers

Lochview - Front2.png

This Has Glass.. Steel... And lot of love for a 6000sqft Home

Standing and Being Different

Wellgrove - Front View (2).png

A Home Designed for Views in Mind

Building whats needed

Acresview - Backyard for the Views.png

Modest Family Bungalow

Simple or Complex

Bungalow - Front View 2.png

Our Design for Head Office with a 1bd Executive Apartment

Standing out from the Rest

Faze3 House - Front View.png

A Beautiful 2400sqft Family home with 4bd, 4 1/2bth.

Standing out from the Best

The Croft.png

A 3600sqft Family Home

Home is where the Heart is.

Timber View - Outside Front at Late Even

A Lovely 4bd, 5bth, 3000sqft Family Home

Making It Pop

Hilltop - Outside Front [night].png

Semi-Detached Affordable Home

Loyal Clients

Semi-Detatched Afordable Family Home.png

Large Luxury family Home

Large and Proud

The Heritage - Front Yard view.png

A 2800sqft Post & Beam Log Home

Always the top Materials

The Shieling - Outside Front 2.png

3000sqft Post & Beam Log Home. 4bd, 5 1/2bth Family Log Cabin.

Loyal Clients

Log Home - Outside Side [Back].png

4000sqft Family Home with 4bd, 4 1/2bth


temp house - Outside Front 2.png

Large Single Family Home

Standing Out from Crowd

The Fairfield - Front View.png

A Beautiful Modern Family Home

Views through Glass

The Alder - Backyard View.png

A Beautiful Conversion

Making what is old, New Again

Farmhouse Conversion - Backyard.png

A Home Perfect for the Family

Just What a Family Needs

The Orchard - Areal Front.png

Home is where the Heart is

Propel Your Brand

New House - Backyard View.png

Dreams are Made to Come True

Make it Stand Out

project 1 - Front View.png

Ranch Home with Large Rap Around Porch

Home is where the Heart is

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"Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it"


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Creative and effective design is only a call away. Interested in working with us? Get in touch today.

Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

07702 847461

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